The New TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Dawn. The Best Just Got Better.

Every champion deserves a throne and what better throne could there be than our all-new luxurious TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Dawn! It’s our extravagant Maxx model in a bold new design and cloud-like Air Threads Fabric material.


Dressed in eye-catching black and white, this chair of champions helps you stand out in any kind of setting, allowing you to be the center of attention from everyone else. Made from soft and breathable Air Threads Fabric material, this chair is capable of serving long hours of cooling and luxurious comfort that maximises your performance while keeping your back dry and sweat-free during those hot, sunny days.


If that’s not enough, it also comes equipped with various ergonomic features that let you adjust your comfort experience depending on the activity. The main recliner can be angled up to 155 degrees for relaxation and for soothing long hours of exhaustion and backaches. It also has 4D adjustable armrests that can be easily adjusted up, down, left, right, angled clockwise or anticlockwise so you can put your arms in a comfortable position.


The Maxx Dawn’s hydraulics and wheelbase are made from ultra-strong, heavy-duty aluminium alloy which is the same material used in automotive components and aerospace industries. It is durable enough to take on almost all forms of damage while also being capable of carrying up to 200kg of weight. The extra-large 65mm castors provide the chair with extra stability and are engineered to glide across all flooring surfaces with ease.

For those who want to stand above the rest in work or play, sit down on the TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Dawn, the chair that is built for winning. Be the best at everything by ordering the TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Dawn for your home or office today.