TTRacing Duo V4 Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair - KittyPuff

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Whimsical and Enchanting

Say hello to the KittyPuff chair – where whimsy meets ergonomic brilliance. Tailored for those with a penchant for the adorable, this chair promises not just charm but ergonomic excellence. With a more spacious backrest and seat base, coupled with a waterfall curved edge, it ensures correct posture and reduces strain. Its fabric is made up of 70% elastic cloth, enhancing airflow and cooling properties. Dive into a plush, breathable seating experience that's as lovable as it sounds.

Pawsitively Support for Your Arms

Dive into the cozy embrace of KittyPuff's armrests. With an extra layer of cushioning and built from super resilient industrial grade polypropylene, they're not just adorable, but sturdy too. These armrests provide a snug resting place for your arms and elbows, no matter how you like to sit. On the KittyPuff, they're thoughtfully spaced and curved at the front, making cross-legged lounging a breeze.

Cozy Comfort with SeatFit™

The KittyPuff chair cradles you with its SeatFit™ technology, offering an unmatched cozy seating experience.With gentle curves on the sides and a cascading front design, it's the ultimate chair for purr-longed comfort. Stay active and relaxed, ensuring perfect blood flow and no numbness. Bigger, wider, and cuter - that's the KittyPuff promise.

135-Degree Kitty Recline

With the KittyPuff chair, enjoy a generous 135-degree tilt that ensures comfort at every angle. Designed for those moments of relaxation, it mimics the gentle curve of a resting feline. Plus, with its user-friendly slotting system, you can easily lock or unlock the tilt to find your ideal position.

Purr-fectly Airy Upholstery

Using the gentle Air Threads Fabric, it provides a breathable cushion, perfect for those sunny lounge sessions. Covered with soft and airy upholstery, heat dissipation is a breeze, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable no matter your activity.

Accessorize Your Look with
KittyPuff's Detachable Ears

Get a dash of charm with KittyPuff's unique ears, designed to be effortlessly clipped onto the chair or worn as trendy hairpieces. A dual-purpose accessory for those who love versatility.

Add a Swish of Charm with KittyPuff's Playful Tail

Add a touch of feline finesse to your space with KittyPuff's delightful detachable tail. Sticking easily with velcro, it's a cute twist to your chair and room decor.

Triple the Cuddle with KittyPaw:
Warm, Support, and Snooze

KittyPaw is more than just a cute add-on; it's your hand warmer, cozy plush pillow, and nap buddy all rolled into one furry delight. Experience the trio of coziness with KittyPaw.

Purrfect Balance Tilt System

The KittyPuff boasts a full-tilt butterfly mechanism, ensuring an edge in stability. Navigate your comfort zone with ease by twisting the charming circular knob in the desired direction.

Leap Up or Down with KittyPuff's
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Piston

Experience top-tier sturdiness with KittyPuff's SGS-certified hydraulic piston. It not only offers a graceful 360-degree swivel but also precise height modifications of up to 8 cm. Its steadfast aluminium shell ensures enduring resilience and longevity.

Heavy Duty Elevated Nylon Wheelbase

The KittyPuff chair introduces an all-new elevated nylon wheelbase, meticulously crafted for unbeatable stability and long-lasting strength. Its clever elevation ensures the purrfect chair height and balances the weight evenly, ensuring a flawless glide.